Profile for Terry Alexander

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City New York       State   New York    
Country USA        
Date of Birth     11-Dec-81         Gender:   M  
# of Marathons Completed:   4         Personal Best Time:   3:33:12         Year of Personal Best:   2014
# of countries completed a marathon:   2
# of countries completed a race:   2

Marathon Info
 I am planning to run a marathon on all seven continents

Completed Continents
Continent Event Name      Year
 North America     TCS New York City Marathon      2013, 2014
 Europe     Athens Greece Marathon      2016
Favorite marathon
TCS New York City Marathon because it was my first marathon, and I got to run through a city I grew up in.
Most memorable running experience Finishing the Athens Greece Marathon in the historic and legendary Olympic Stadium.
Other Highlights from running experiences Too many !!!!