Profile for Katie Abbott

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City Miami       State   Florida    
Country USA        
Date of Birth     10-May-74         Gender:   F  
# of Marathons Completed:   3         Personal Best Time:   5:17         Year of Personal Best:   2015
# of countries completed a marathon:   1
# of countries completed a race:   1

Marathon Info
 I am planning to run a marathon on all seven continents
 I don't have any plans yet. I just like to have a great destination experiences when I travel to running events.

Completed Continents
Continent Event Name      Year
 North America     Disney, NYC, Disney Dopey      2015, 2016
Favorite marathon
I've only done two different marathons (NYC and at Disney), and it's honestly hard to decide which one I liked better. Actually it has to be NYC. Nothing compares to the course and the crowds. I used to live there, so almost everywhere I went I had a fond memory. And friends cheering me on!
Most memorable running experience Ragnar! I've run with the same group of friends for four years now, and it's one of the most fun weekends of the year by far. Running Ragnar is fun, but hanging out with a group of friends in a stinky van for about 30 hours is priceless.
Other Highlights from running experiences The Disney Dopey experience (four days, four races: 5K, 10K, half, and full) was a ton of fun and required a lot of dedicated training. I also love triathlons. I'm one of those not-a-runner types. :)