Profile for Adedayo Akinbode

City Lagos       State   Alabama    
Country Nigeria        
Date of Birth     20-Apr-15         Gender:   F  
# of Marathons Completed:   8         Personal Best Time:   4:55         Year of Personal Best:   2014
# of countries completed a marathon:   8
# of countries completed a race:   13

Marathon Info
 I have run a marathon on all seven continents
 I am planning to run a half-marathon on all seven continents

Completed Continents
Continent Event Name      Year
 North America     Reggae marathon      2014
 South America     Southern cross marathon      2015
 Europe     Berlin Marathon      2014
 Asia     Dubai Marathon      2014
 Africa     Victoria Falls Marathon      2014
 Oceania     Carlton Classic Marathon      2015
 Antarctica     Penguin Marathon      2015
Favorite marathon
The penguin marathon is a race in a class of its own. All participants arrive at race venue same day via same aircraft thus fostering some level of comradeship even before the race. I am not aware that happens in any other race. Then we ran on sand, gravel and some ice We scrambled over boulders We waded through running streams And all at sub zero degrees centigrade The comradeship was out of this world
Most memorable running experience Running the Kilimanjaro marathon is an unforgettable experience. You run uphill and then run downhill like "jack and Jill" It brought out the child in me And what experience running through the banana plantation
Other Highlights from running experiences My slowest marathon finish time was close to 5:30 Now I'm not sure whether that was a marathon or a dance session. Music every 2km and I stopped to dance at almost all the stations That's the Reggae marathon