Profile for Ghanasyam Adhikari

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City Cherry Hill       State   New Jersey    
Country USA        
Date of Birth     25-Aug-41         Gender:   M  
# of Marathons Completed:   8         Personal Best Time:   5 hrs 7 mins 13 secs         Year of Personal Best:   2007
# of countries completed a marathon:   1
# of countries completed a race:   5

Marathon Info
 I am planning to run a half-marathon on all seven continents

Completed Continents
Continent Event Name      Year
 North America     Little Rock Half-Marathon      2010
 South America     Rio de Janeiro Half-Marathon      2011
 Europe     Iceland Half-Marathon      2011
 Asia     China Great Wall Half-Marathon      2010
 Africa     Kenya Safaricom Halh-Marathon      2011
Favorite marathon
Most memorable running experience
Other Highlights from running experiences