Profile for Tom Adair Sr

City ALPHARETTA       State   Georgia    
Country USA        
Date of Birth     01-Oct-41         Gender:   M  
# of Marathons Completed:   300         Personal Best Time:   4:19:00         Year of Personal Best:   1997
# of countries completed a marathon:   9
# of countries completed a race:   9

Marathon Info
 I am planning to run a marathon on all seven continents

Completed Continents
Continent Event Name      Year
 North America     Atlanta, GA, USA      1964
 South America     Rio de Janeiro, Brazil      2007
 Europe     Cologne, Germany      2007
 Asia     Naha, Okinawa, Japan      1999
 Africa     Comrades, Durban, South Africa      2000
 Oceania     Gold Coast, Australia      2008
Favorite marathon
BIG SUR is my favorite marathon. The course is a beautiful and challenging run with 26-miles of the Pacific Ocean on the runners left side of the road and gorgeous mountains on the right side of the road. I love Big Sur!! I've run it 4 times.
Most memorable running experience My two most memorable running experiences include the Comrades 54-mile ultra race in Durban, South Africa and The Last Marathon in St. George Island in Antarctica. Comrades was very demanding and difficult in my race in 2000. The Last Marathon race in Antarctica was awesome and challenging. The daily expeditions in Antarctica with the animals and sea life are beyond my wildest expectations. The Antarctica trip is extraordinary and incredible.
Other Highlights from running experiences My other running experiences include: *** finished a marathon 3x in all 50 states in the USA *** finished 100-milers at Umstead & Lean Horse *** finished 300 career marathons incl 60 ultras *** finished a marathon on 6 continents (#7 soon) *** finished a marathon for 149 consecutive months *** finished the Boston marathon in 1996 and 1998